Previous Meetings

April  11, 2018
Beyond talent by Michelle Tibbils
March   14 , 2018
The Ins & Outs of Running a Boudior Studio From Your Home - Joanne HoYoung Lee

February  15  2018
Dog Photography By  Diane Costello

January  10   2018
A Passionate Career: by Lori Rose, M. Photog., Cr.

November 8, 2017
Coposite portraits,from concept  to completion: Mike Lloyd

October 11,2017
Photography Business and Creative expression : John Pratt

Sept 13  ,2017
Creating Images With Impact : Christine Diaz

Aug 10   , 2017
Mastering the Art of Outdoor Lighting & Posing: Hanson Fong-Annual BBQ &Potluck

July  12   ,2017
Safe, Effective DSLR or Mirrorless Sensor Cleaning How To- Curt Fargo

June  8, 2017
Soup to Nuts by Michael Collins

May 10, 2017
Circle of Sharing, swap meet print comp

April 12, 2017
Understand Lightroom & Develop an Effective Mobile Workflow - Benjamin Warde

March 8, 2017
The Art of Creative Vision by Sapna Reddy

Febuarary  16, 2017
A special program by KEDA.Z

January  11, 2017
Rudy Pollak

November  9, 2016
Debra Krakow
October 12, 2016
Annie Rowland  " Beach Portrature"

September 14, 2016
Michael Van Auken  "Life Styles of almost famous"

August 10, 2016 
Picnic and live shoot with Alexis Cuarezma

July  13, 2016 meeting
Dynamic Landscape  By Steve Kurtz

May 11, 2016 Meeting
Tim Meyer: Portrait Lighting Thru The Lens of History, Present & Future

May 12, 2016
 All day workshop with Tim Meyer

April  13, 2016 Meeting
The pet Portrait Dude: Michael Joseph

  March  16 , 2016 Meeting
 Toby Marshall : Travels with Toby

Toby shared his incredible images from his travels that included Japan, North korea, Hong Kong and more. His images of  destruction caused by  tsunami in Japan in  2011  were heart wrenching. He shared his techniques of making HDR images. Very Nice presentation. Visit his website to see his work  here
February  17, 2016
Suzette Allen
Talked about mirrorless camera and mixing video and still images to create live portarits.
January  13,  meeting
Ken Sklute, Cannon Explorer of light was our guest speaker. His incredibale images and techniques he shared were well received. Attendees left with inspirationa  and  unique style of photography.

Images from the meeting